Depot move by rental container

Thermo Lignum Container Truck

Complete Thermo Lignum Warmair chamber in a container

Since 2023 Thermo Lignum offers its customers the possibility to rent a complete Thermo Lignum chamber for a longer period - minimum 3 months - in a container. The price includes training of the support staff, remote maintenance and troubleshooting during business hours as well as delivery and collection by carrier.

This full Thermo Lignum system in an insulated 20" high cube sea container is especially suitable for the treatment of objects in the context of a depot move.

Availability upon request.

Dimensions and weights

Outside dimensions    
Length 6.058 mm 19,875 ft
Width 2.438 mm 8 ft
Height 2.896 mm 9 ft 6 in


Inside dimensions

Length 5.844 mm 19,173 ft
Width 2.350 mm 7,710 ft
Height 2.698mm 8,852 ft


Door dimension

Width 2.340 mm 7,677 ft
Height 2.585 mm 8,480 ft



Gross weight max. 30.480 kg 67.200 lb
Empty weight 2.450 kg 5.400 lb
Payload 28.030 kg 61.800 lb
Internal capacity 37,1 m³ 1.310 ft³