NKF Congress in Stockholm

by Claudia Klingspigl


With a short overview of the Thermo Lignum technology, we were allowed to contribute to the programme of the first day of the conference.

 Bernhard Schachenhofer mit Lisa Nilsen


The organisers, especially Lisa Nilsen, who is leading the programme, are grateful that the event can take place live despite the pandemic. However, in addition to the participants present, there is also an audience of 200 online viewers.

A total of 17 nations are represented.


DI Bernhard Schachenhofer beim NKF Kongress in Stockholm CEO Bernhard Schachenhofer 



The theme of the congress is to illustrate how the discipline of conservation and restoration has developed over the past decades. Progress has been made through both research and trial and error. Methods of analysis, documentation, conservation treatments (!), choice of materials, as well as the circumstances in which conservators-restorers work have constantly evolved.


A review to analyse the feasibility of conservation treatment techniques, how ethical dilemmas have been dealt with, best practices applied and new ways of working together have been and are being found. 


Exciting two days.

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