Fifth Thermo Lignum Chamber in Norway

by Claudia Klingspigl

Anno Museums - Documentation Centre and Central Depot

Anno is made up of small and large museums all over the County of Hedmark - from local village open-air museums to museums of national and international importance, with a total of around 170,000 objects representing a large part of the cultural heritage of Hedmark. The collections of the Norwegian Forest Museum will also be housed in this depot.


Construction of the Anno Museums Central Depot in Elverum - live


The documentation centre is being built at Glomdal Museum in Elverum. There will be air-conditioned storage halls, workshops and other facilities, as well as office space. Completion is planned for November 2021.


After completion of the central depot, the objects from the museums will be delivered from the beginning of 2022, treated in the Thermo Lignum chamber and then stored under the best possible conditions - in terms of climate and safety.


To ensure that no harmful insects are introduced into the new depot, a comprehensive IPM concept will be implemented.



However, the implementation of the IPM concept already works in the construction phase. For example, already during the construction of the depot, meticulous care is taken to ensure that no packaging material is brought inside the building in order to prevent the introduction of paper fish.


Installation of the Thermo lignum chamber in the joint depot of the Anno Museums in Elverum


As a central part of the IPM concept, a Thermo Lignum system was explicitly requested during the planning phase in order to be able to treat the objects gently and safely before moving them into the new depot. We are proud of this!

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