Treatment of insect-infested Objects in our static WARMAIR Chambers

WARMAIR Chamber filled with various objects
WARMAIR Chamber with various Objects ready for treatment

Using only naturally occurring elements, air and water, sound biological principles and established laws of physics, Thermo Lignum's ecological WARMAIR technique will sympathetically eradicate damage-causing insect pests, such as woodworm, death watch beetle, moths and carpet beetles.

We can treat a wide range of materials

We can treat a diverse spectrum of organic materials, including wood, paper, textiles, leather, fur, feathers and natural history specimens, in objects ranging from artwork, musical instruments, oil on board and canvas paintings, gilded and polychrome sculptures and furniture, to rugs, tapestries, textiles and garments.


Antike Teppiche Schädlingsbekämpfung Kammer
Antique Rugs in our WARMAIR Chamber

Vergoldete Bilderrahmen Holzwurmbekämpfung
Gilded Picture Frames after a Thermo Lignum Treatment
Woodworm infested historical Cembalo in one of our WARMAIR Chambers

Rapid response

Our service is fast and efficient. We can urgently react to requests for rapid turnaround of artefacts where exhibitions are concerned and time is of the essence.
Thousands of infested objects are treated every year in one of our static or mobile chambers.
We are just a phone call or an e-mail away from treating your infested items quickly, safely and economically. Call one of our centres in London, Saltzburg in Austria or Mannheim in Germany (see contact)

Preventing Damage by regulating Relative Humidity

The principle behind WARMAIR is to ensure the stability of moisture in objects by maintaining Relative Humidity (RH) within a narrow band (50-55%) throughout a heating cycle from room temperature up to 52°C/125°F (the kill temperature) and back. Computer based monitoring and controlling of RH prevents damage to the object.

Sensitive and natural

Our UK branch has treated oil on canvas paintings by Botticelli, Auguste Renoir and Thomas Gainsborough when woodworm invaded the stretcher frames. Nonetheless, art does not necessarily have to be centuries old to become infested. We have attended to contemporary art as well: Ai Wei Wei, Anselm Kiefer, Ashley Bickerton, Tracy Emin, Gérard Quenum, Polly Morgan, Chris Ofili, Imi Knoebel and Oticica are just a few illustrious names from this artistic sphere.

Ölgemälde in Thermo Lignum Kammer
Spanish Jerome, Oil on Canvas, Spain, 1628
Kostüme der Oper in Thermo Lignum Kammer
Treatment of the London Opera House Costumes which were infested by moths