Flexible for our Customers: The Thermo Lignum®
mobile units

Mobile Thermo Lignum Anlage vor Big Ben
Thermo Lignum truck in front of Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, London

Thermo Lignum on your doorstep

The mobile version of our unique and unparalleled process has evolved from the static chambers that have operated so successfully in Germany and Switzerland since the mid 1980’s, and in London since 1994.

The owners or keepers of large collections of valuable works of art and antiques can now avail themselves of our sensitive and sympathetic treatment without their property leaving the premises. This avoids unnecessary security risks, negates additional insurance cover and minimizes the handling and movement of objects. In addition, following the treatment which takes just 18-24 hours, dependent upon the chamber loading, the total absence of any noxious or odorous chemicals or gases allows immediate reuse or redisplay of the items. 


Historisches Boot mobile Thermo Lignum Anlage
Mobile treatment of a historical boat, the Cruiskeen, in Irleand

Maria Taferl Holzwurm in Kircheninventar
Our mobile unit in front of Maria Taferl, an Austrian baroque church. Artefacts from the church were infested with woodworm and dry rot
Thermo Lignum für vergoldete Skulpturen
Gilded polychrome sculptures are treated in our mobile unit against woodworm

Tierpräparate in der Thermo Lignum Kammer
Taxidermied museum collection treated in one of our mobile WARMAIR chambers

The conservation of this historic boat, has been documented on this excellent website .
Thermo Lignum played a major role in the process.