Mummy in Thermo Lignum WARMAIR Chamber
mummy treated against insect pest Warmair

Treatment of insect-infested Objects in our static WARMAIR Chambers

Whichever Insect is involved: We can treat every infested organic Material in our Thermo Lignum® WARMAIR Chambers

Schreibschrank in Thermo Lignum Kammer
Walnut Bureau, early 18th century, Bavaria

Not only the relative humidity and the temperature inside the chamber are constantly monitored but also the core temperature of the object being treated. All data obtained are fed into a computer-controlled system, which continuously modifies the conditions in the chamber as required. All this effort is undertaken in order to prevent drying respectively swelling effects on the material; there is no warping, splitting or twisting of wood, for example.

While the temperature in the core of the treated object has to reach 55°C in order to kill even the most resistant insect, the room temperature inside the chamber will only reach 56 - 57°C.

No delayed changes in the object are to be expected from the treatment: as opposed to the nature of chemical treatments no chemical agents are being introduced into the objects when using the Thermo Lignum® technology (see Strang, Thomas J. K.: Principles of heat Disinfestation; in: Biodeterioration of cultural property 3 – Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Biodeterioration of Cultural Property, 2001).