Thermo Lignum Gebäudebehandlung

Eco friendly Elimination of Woodworm
and other Pests in Buildings

Not only furniture, rugs or church inventory are subject to insect infestation

Thermo Lignum Behandlung Jagdschloss
Rothschild Hunting Lodge Lower Austria

Organic construction materials such as wood, straw or brushwood are prone to insect infestation. Obviously these materials are often found in historic buildings.

For the treatment of insect-infested structural or architectural timbers, our WARMAIR process has been adapted for use with portable gas fired heating equipment. It is a critical function of the in-situ WARMAIR process to prevent damage to any of the structural elements through moisture loss by controlling the relative humidity (RH) of the atmosphere surrounding them during the heating cycle.

We have treated individual rooms, parts of buildings and entire catherdral trusses.

In many cases the Thermo Lignum WARMAIR technique is the answer to woodworm, house longhorn betetle or any other insect infestation of buildings.


Treatment of a medieval wooden Ceiling at St. Peter's Church, England

Woodworm infestation at Aachener Dom treated by Thermo Lignum