News and Updates around Thermo Lignum

February 2016 New Haven USA: Thermo Lignum at IPM Working Group Meeting 

The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History will host this year's IPM Working Group Meeting. Thermo Lignum has been invited to join the event. We shall give a lecture and present a video about an unusual in-situ treatment of a large painting in the south of France. We thank Rachael Perkins Arenstein for having us!

May 2015 Eindhoven: Thermo Lignum and IPARC at De Museum Vakdagen

Together with our Belgium partner IPARC we were present at the first museum trade fair in the iconic EVOLUOM in Eindhoven.

International conference in City Hall
Lecture by Nikolaus Wilke, Thermo Lignum
Lecture by Orlando Guerreiro, Azores University
Panel discussion after Lectures

September 2014 Azores: Drywood Termite Conference / Thermo Lignum Azores established

The Azores are an island group in the middle of the Atlantic. On the island of Terceira with the capital of Angra do Heroismo there has been a very serious problem (SOS Termitas) with drywood termites since decades.

In this context a conference was held in September in the historical city hall. Delegates from Portugese speaking countries all over the world attended.

It's been several years that the Azores University, the city administration and Thermo Lignum have worked out a concept to tackle the termite threat with thermal treatments.

Professor Paulo Borges und Orlando Guerreiro were in charge on the academic front.

In order to be able to respond to the problem effectively the company of Thermo Lignum Azores was founded this year. It will carry out first building treatments in the coming months.

We would like to thank Raquel Caetano Ferreira of the Camara Municipal de Angra do Heroismo and all others involved for their hospitality and brilliant organization of the conference and the programme around it.



Invitation Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

March 2014: TL lecture at Berlin Museum für Naturkunde


Two of the leading IPM experts, Bill Landsberger from Rathgen Forschungslabor / SPK and Dr. Pascal Querner from Vienna, as well as Dr. Matthias Schöller / Biologische Beratung Ltd gave lectures at this huge museum in the middle of Berlin.

Thermo Lignum also presented a talk on this occasion.


Thermo Lignum & IPARC booth at Goes Fair

March 2014: Thermo Lignum and IPARC at Kerk & Monumenten in Holland

Together with our partner IPARC we were present at the trade fair in the Dutch city of Goes.


Altar in tent during treatment
Altar being "wrapped up"

Machinery and control units

Confession chairs behind insulation foil

March 2014: In-Situ Treatment in Sint Lenaards

The gilded and painted main altar, two large confession chairs and parts of the organ at Sint-Leonarduskerk have been treated on site in custom made in-situ tents.

This was part two of the Sint Lenaards project which we have carried out together with IPARC.



After 2012 this is the second time we are taking part at the Salzburg specialized fair for museums, conservator and monument authorities.

You can find us in Hall number 10, booth number 418.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Gothic sculpture
Treated sculptures
500 chairs treated

November 2013: Thermo Lignum and IPARC in Sint Lenaards

A large number of objects at the church of Sint-Leonarduskerk in Sint Lenaards near Antwerp had been infested with Anobium punctatum. Over a period of ten days we treated around 500 chairs as well as gilded polychrome sculpture and a small altar.

In the spring of 2014 we are going to treat the main altar and two large confession chairs in so called in-situ tents.

This was our first major project in cooperation with IPARC.

Thermo Lignum & IPARC booth
Full House

October 2013: Thermo Lignum and IPARC at FARO in Bruges

On the 25th of October Thermo Lignum and IPARC were present at an event organized by the FARO. The Belgian culture- and museum community meets there regularly.

On this particular day the Vlaamse Erfgoed Bibliothekwas awarded a prize by the flemish minister for culture.

Bruges - as always - was beautiful!

Mobile Thermo Lignum unit
Arabic ornamentation

October 2013: Thermo Lignum treating wooden objects at Aga Khan Museum

The AKDN has branches all over the world, one of them in Geneva. Here we treated various wooden architectual objects against a wood destroying insects. The objects date back to the 12th century.


Organic material from Swiss Cottage in mobile TL chamber
Smashing views everywhere

View from terrace down to the sea

September 2013: Thermo Lignum at Osborne House, Isle of Wight

We shall never forget the unique beauty of the island and especially the park of Osborne House!

A small wooden house on the estate, built by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert for their children to play and learn in, is called Swiss Cottage. There is a remarkable collection of natural history and art history object in Swiss Cottage some of which needed treatment.




Gilded frames at NGI Dublin
Detail gilded and polychrome frames

Large chest and frames

Frames inside NGI waiting for treatment

August 2013: Thermo Lignum at National Gallery of Ireland

At our first assignment in Dublin we treated mainly gilded picture frames from the 17th, 18th and 19th century in one of the mobile TL units.

Many thanks to conservator Maria Canavan and her colleagues for the hospitality and excellent cooperation!



Historic flags, some with paintings on them
various objects

Juni - August 2013: Thermo Lignum at Keltenmuseum Hallein 

Keltenmuseum Hallein is one of the largest European museum for celtic history. Between June and August Thermo Lignum has treated numerous objects such as paintings, sculptures, furniture, paper and ancient military equipment.



Schwarzlechner Stadel

Ennstaler building formation

June 2013: Thermo Lignum treating two buildings at Freilichtmuseum Stübing 

The Austrian open air museum Stübing is among the 10 largest and most impressive open air museums in Europe.

The two buildings we treated were infested with Anobium punctatum as well as Hylotrupes bajulus.

David Pinniger completely in his element
Conference hall at Kunsthistorisches Museum
IPM Workshop "Which bug is this?"

Evening reception at magnificent Schloss Schönbrunn

June 2013: International IPM Conference in Vienna

Thermo Lingum was one of the sponsors of a three day international IPM conference in Vienna.

The conference was preceded by a two day workshop chaired by David Pinniger and Bob Child. Both, once again, shared their immense quantum of the 1. the subject and 2. their jokes.

We thank Dr. Pascal Querner for organizing the event in a perfect manner.

Part of the Radios from Cildo Meireles "Babel"

Mai 2013: Preventive Treatment at Tate Modern

Parts of Cildo Meireles Babel have been treated preventively against termites.

In 2008 Thermo Lignum had already treated this work successfully after it got infested while on show in South America.

This time, after the return from another exhibition in South America, nobody wanted to take any chances so Thermo Lignum was called in again.

In the same run four small works by Genesis P-Orridge have been treated preventively.


Stuffed Birds Collection at Barrington Park Estate

Pelican, Flamingo and other aquatic Birds
Raptors all the way from Falcon to Vulture

May 2013: Thermo Lignum at Barrington Park Estate

Barrington Park Estate is situated in the Cotswolds near Burford. Thermo Lignum has had numerous assignments at this beautiful place.

This time we treated - among other things - a collection of stuffed birds.


David Pinniger lecturing at de Camme in Brussels
Sculptures and Paintings after treatment
Triptych Oil on wood, dated 1633, after treatment
Detail of triptych left and right wing

April 2013: Great Crowd at IPM Seminar with iparc in Brussels

The IPM seminar at de Camme, organized by iparc and Thermo Lignum was a great success. It was an exclusively professional audience listening to lectures by David Pinniger, Val Blyth, Dr. Heinrich Piening and Ruth Gories. The talks were followed by a lively and extensive discussion.

On iparc's homepage the individual talks are accessible.

A number of Belgian museums and conservators took the opportunity and had objects treated in one of our mobile units which was parked on site. Among them were oil paintings on both canvas and wood from the M-Museum Leuven.

On the pictures you can see a remarkable triptych consisting of three panel paintings. The central painting is dated 1633. We thank paintings conservator Kaat Sneiders for accompanying the treatments.

Announcement March 2013: IPM / Thermo Lignum Seminar in Brussels

On March 18th iparc and Thermo Lignum will host a seminar on IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and the Thermo Lignum method at De Kamme in Brussels. The event adresses all those who work in the fields of conservation and restoration, museum sciences and administration, architecture, in libraries and archives.

There will be three lectures held by renowned experts: David Pinniger (leading museum entomologist from the UK), Val Blyth (Victoria & Albert Museum) and Dr. Heinrich Piening (Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung, Munich). Ruth Goris, conservator at the Design Museum in Gent, will be speaking about her experiences with a mobile Thermo Lignum assignment at her museum last autumn.

One of the mobile Thermo Lignum chambers will be available on site for demonstration purposes during and after the event in Brussels.

Here you can find iparc's announcement of the event.

January 2013: Cooperation between Thermo Lignum and Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum

The Reiss Engelhorn Museum, located in the city of Mannheim, is one of the largest museums in Germany.

Over the past years Thermo Lignum has treated numerous objects from their collections, including such rarities as a mumie and gothic polychrome sculpture.

As of the beginning of 2013 a Thermo Lignum unit which is located in a depot of the museum will be available for external clients as well.




January 2013: Cooperation Agreement between Thermo Lignum and iparc, Brussels

One of the leading conservation businesses in the Benelux countries and Thermo Lignum are to cooperate in the eradication of  art-destroying insects.

The company iparc , located in Brussels, will represent Thermo Lignum in the Benelux countries in the future.

iparc's references and achievements are outstanding. They have a multidisciplinary approach and offer expertise in the fields of painting, contemporary art, polychrome sculpture, wood and stone.


Werner von Rotberg has departed

Mr. Werner von Rotberg, wood conservator and inventor of the Thermo Lignum method has died on the 17th of January 2013. He was born in 1949.

He had retired from business with Thermo Lignum some years ago.

Conservators, collectors and museums throughout Europe owe a lot to him and his developments.

On behalf of the deceased we would request a donation to unicef.

Mobile Thermo Lignum unit at Niedersulz in the north east of Austria

Typical Lower Austria wardrobe dated 1776

November 2012: Thermo Lignum at Museumsdorf Niedersulz 

The largest of all Lower Austria open air museums is the Museumsdorf Niedersulz, situated north east of Vienna.

In context with a new and modern depot Thermo Lignum was commissioned to treat various objects, the largest batch being an impressive collection of around 60 regional wardrobes from the 18th and 19th century.

November 2012: Treatment of taxidermy bird specimens at Manchester Museum

In November Thermo Lignum treated mainly taxidermy bird specimens in one of our mobile units at the Manchester Museum.

Ever since the 1980s the museum has a beetle, Reesa Vespulae, living in the building. This beetle can cause serious damage in plant or insect collections, it also feeds on freeze dried animals.

On the following two websites you can find some information about the treatment:

IPM Conference at Bode Museum: The Thermo Lignum Method as Part of Conservation


On October 29 there will be major event at the Berlin Bode-Museum. Five speakers will be delivering lectures about the use and their experiences with the Thermo Lignum technology. Following the talks will be an open discussion.

Here you can find the invitation and list of speakers.

Participation upon invitation only.

Announcement by the Fédération Française des Professionnels de la Conservation-Restauration 

Dismantled wall paneling and doors infested with anobium punctatum
Various objects: 17th century cabinett veneered with tortoise shell
Various objects: Gilded 18th century frames

This is only a small fraction of fauteuils and chairs Thermo Lignum has treated in Gent

September 2012: Thermo Lignum at the Designmuseum Gent/Belgium 

It was our first assignmant at the Designmuseum in the beautiful renaissance city of Gent. A whole range of objects had to be treated against woodworm.

Some of the wooden wall panelling of the historic part of the museum had been dismantled so it could be treated inside one of our mobile units. A large number of fauteuils and chairs from the 18th and 19th century were treated as well as gilded frames and some typical 17th century dutch cabinetts veneered with tortoise shell.

Ruth, Ria, Anne-Marie, Pete and Jean and all the rest of the museum staff - thanks for everything! Thanks also to Peter Taeymans of iparc and last not least to Mark! It was also you who made Gent an unforgettable experience!

Thermo Lignum Unit in one of the countless yards of Schloss Nymphenburg

September 2012: Furniture, Textiles, polychrome Objects, Paper and Canvas were treated at Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich

At the beginning of September Thermo Lignum treated various objects and materials at one of the most magnificent sites in all of Germany: Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich. Here is a link to their English language website. Make sure to also take a look at their conservation department website


One of our mobile Units at Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren

August 2012: Treatment of Museum Inventory at Illerbeuren continues

During our second assignment this year at the Schwäbisches Bauernhofmuseum in the south of Germany we continued with treating their inventory. The objects were manifold from furniture and tools to costumes

Gothic basswood Sculptures Gangolf and Rochus treated by Thermo Lignum at REM in Germany (© rem, Foto: Carolin Breckle)

July 2012: Treatment of two outstanding gothic sculptures at REM Mannheim

One of our long year partners in Germany is the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum in the city of Mannheim. Find some English language information about the REM here.

The two sculptures which we treated right before the opening of the exhibition show holy Gangolf and holy Rochus. There is some detailed information on this site, unfortunately only in German. Rochus is the patron saint not only of the sick, the doctors and pharmacists but also of the pets. He is always shown with a plague spot. Gangolf is the patron saint of horses.

Both sculptures are carved from basswood. It is possible that Gangolf was carved in the workshop of famous sculptor Erasmus Grasser.

Chairs and Sofas, some of them partly gilded
Detail of Gilding on one of the Chairs

July 2012: Thermo Lignum Treatment at Stadtmuseum Münster

Situated in the centre of the historically distinguished city of Münster there is a quite remarkable museum presenting the town's history from the year 793 until today.

We have treated various objects against moths and Anthrenus. The objects were mainly furniture. But there were also the seats of a vintage Volkswagen Beetle to be freed of insects.


Historical Merry-Go-Round treated against woodworm
Horse drawn Carriage made of Ash

June 2012: Thermo Lignum at Freichlichtmuseum Kommern

In the west of Germany, close to the Belgian Border, there is a singular region called Eifel. One of the attractions in this landscape is the Freilichtmuseum Kommern.

We treated all sorts of objects against woodworm, among them a historical merry-go-round, a number of carriages, furniture and tools.


The Whithworth Art Gallery in Manchester

Various Objects after Treatment at the Whitworth

May 2012: Thermo Lignum at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester

At the end of May we worked at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, treating a whole range of objects reaching from parts of a contemporary installation, textiles and African sculptures to a stuffed leopard. Thanks to conservators Anne French and Abi Stevens for hospitality and good cooperation!



Parts of the Great Bed of Ware in our chamber
Great Bed of Ware being dismantled in the V&A Museum. All textile parts were brought to our London WARMAIR chamber for treatment
Head board of the Great Bed of Ware being moved out of V&A Museum
Removal of covers and mattresses

April 2012: Thermo Lignum is part of conservation of the Great Bed of Ware

Only just recently the Great Bed of Ware was moved back to its hometown of Ware in Hertfordshire after having served as one of the major public attractions at the V&A since 1931. The BBC has made this short documentary about the return. The bed was mentioned in William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, which was first performed in 1602. Thermo Lignum has worked with the V&A since 1996.




Thermo Lignum In-Situ treatment: The Insulation Tent has been put up around the infested Objects
Underneath the Insulation Foil there is some Scaffolding to attach the Foil to

March 2012: In-Situ Treatment of gothic furniture at Festung Hohensalzburg

Thermo Lignum has treated some gothic furniture on one of the most prominent historical sites in all of Austria: The Festung Hohensalzburg. One of the treated objects was the so called Fuerstenbett.


Mobile Thermo Lignum Unit in Front of the of the Schwaebisches Bauernhofmuseum Depot
Three of seven partly gilded and painted crucifixes from the 18th and 19th century after treatment

March 2012: Thermo Lignum at Schwaebisches Bauernhofmuseum

Over a period of eight days our mobile unit worked non stop, treating the entire content of one of the museum's interim depotsbefore it was moved to the final depot. There was a great variety of artifacts to be dealt with: Furniture, tools, paintings, prints, books, agricultural equipment, textiles and a number of gilded polychrome crucifixes.

Mobile Thermo Unit in Front of the Administration Building of Museum Hamburger Bahnhof
Museum Hamburger Bahnhof

March 2012: Thermo Lignum at Museum Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin

One of our mobile units was deployed at one of the most distinctive German museums for contemporary art, the Museum Hamburger Bahnhof. Various works of art were infested with moths (Tineola bisselliella), among them two of Robert Morris' famous felt sculptures and parts of an installation by Jason Rhoades.


Mobile Thermo Lignum Unit at the Depot of the Deutsches Hopfenmuseum

January 2012: Thermo Lignum at Deutsches Hopfenmuseum in Bavaria

It wasn't Thermo Lignums first assignment at this particular museum in the city of Wolnzach north of Munich. This time we treated furniture, agricultural equipment, a small coach, and - naturally - a whole range of historical devices which were used in the early hop industry. After all Bavaria is and has always been the heart of German beer production.


January 2012: Thermo Lignum taking Part at the Monumento Salzburg Fair

In January 2012 Thermo Lignum was exhibiting at the Monumento Salzburg, a fair specialized in monument- and cultural heritage conservation. We are glad to have won Dr. Hubertus Michels to give a lecture about our technology and its implementation in the conservation of historic buildings.