Ecological Insect Pest Management in Cultural Heritage Conservation

In 1988 we invented the WARMAIR® Moisture-controlled technique for
Insect Pest Eradication

In almost 25 years Thermo Lignum has established itself as an internationally recognized and accepted leader in its field. We are synonymous with non-toxic, chemical-free and guaranteed insect pest eradication.

We have specialized in the fields of Art and Antiques and have treated individual objects, whole Museum collections, Church inventories and entire Historic Buildings.

We operate static WARMAIR chambers in London, Salzburg and Mannheim in Germany.

We also operate mobile WARMAIR chambers which have taken us from Oslo to the Vatican and from Estonia to the Azores on a variety of missions.

Our References are international and first class.

Numerous scientific publications about the Thermo Lignum® WARMAIR process have been written by internationally recognized entomologists.

Karen Roux Thermo Lignum London
Since 1994 Karen Roux has spearheaded Thermo Lignum UK Ltd in London.
She is also a Director/ Shareholder of Thermo Lignum International GmbH, Salzburg.
Bernhard Schachenhofer Thermo Lignum Salzburg
Since 2004 Dipl.Ing. Bernhard Schachenhofer has controlled Thermo Lignum in Austria.
He is also a Director/Shareholder of Thermo Lignum International GmbH, Salzburg.