Mobile Thermo Lignum Chamber - Houses of Parlament, London

Thermo Lignum® on your doorstep

The mobile chamber version has evolved from the static chambers that have operated since the mid 1980’s, and in London since 1994.

The owners or keepers of large collections of valuable works of art and antiques can have their infested pieces treated without them having to leave the premises. This avoids unnecessary security risks, negates additional insurance cover and minimizes the handling and movement of objects.

A typical treatment cycle in our mobile units including loading and unloading takes 20 – 30 hours.

Dimensions of the mobile chamber:
7,5t MAN TRUCK: Total height of the truck is 390 cm

The client needs to supply the following infrastructure:

  • Even surface to park the 10 meter truck
  • 24/7 access to the truck for our staff
  • 380V/32A electrical connection
  • Regular water connection
  • If possible WIFI connection for remote access of the control PC


Holzwurmbefall in historischem Ruderboot, der Cruiskeen, Irland

Mobile Kammer Behandlung vor Maria Taferl, das Inventar war teilweise von Holzwurm und Hausschwamm befallen

Polychrom gefasste und vergoldete Skulpturen werden in der mobilen Kammer vom Holzwurm befreit

Eine Tierpräparate Sammlung in Scarborough, England, in der mobilen Thermo Lignum WARMAIR Kammer